45 Questions To Guarantee You’ll Never Have A Boring Date Again

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Knocked Up (Unrated Widescreen Edition)Knocked Up (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

I have a secret game that I play in every conversation I have. Until now, no one knew about it… but I’m about to dish the deets. 😉

I try to get every person I interact with to say, Wow. That’s a great question… at least once in our conversation.

To win at this game, I have to stay super present and plugged in to who I’m chatting with so I can artfully select a question that pushes them to lean into an area of their brain they don’t normally hang out in. To turn a flashlight on in the halls of their head and search for an answer to a question they never imagined they’d have to answer.

It’s fascinating watching them dig deeper into who they are. To experience them introspectively retreat for a few moments and rummage through their noggin’ for the…

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4 Unwinnable Relationship Mind Games Women Should Absolutely Refuse To Play

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I love playing mind games with men. I love teasing them, being playful and flirtatious. I love trying to figure men out and understand them better. But I also know the dating world is an emotional minefield where one wrong step can blow your relationship to bits. Dating mind games are suppose to be fun. They are suppose to add creativity, life, and mystery to your love life. But some mind games are not meant to be won. Ladies, time to toughen up and stop playing mind games against men you will never win.

The “Are We A Couple?” Game

The easiest way to know you will never be in a relationship with the hot guy you are banging is when you introduce him as “my friend”. You know you don’t think of him as a friend and he knows it too. If he was in your friendzone, he would…

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101 Things I Will Teach My Sons

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  1. Keep your sheets clean.
  2. Keep your socks cleaner.
  3. Keep your fingernails cleanest.
  4. Don’t call her crazy.
  5. She’s not crazy.
  6. Hold the door.
  7. Pay for her dinner.
  8. You’re not entitled to anything in life.
  9. Learn how to iron.
  10. Learn how to cook.
  11. You’re allowed to feel.
  12. Know your strengths.
  13. Know your weaknesses.
  14. Use them wisely.
  15. Your undershirts have a shelf life.
  16. It’s three months.
  17. You need to moisturize.
  18. Your friends don’t have to know about it.
  19. You don’t have to like Call of Duty.
  20. Cheetos aren’t a food group.
  21. That woman is photoshopped.
  22. But so is that man.
  23. Be kind to the nerdy girl.
  24. That was once your mother.
  25. Tailor the suit.
  26. Shine the shoes.
  27. Be gentle to the world.
  28. Clean your messes.
  29. Help clean others’ messes.
  30. Chaos is the order of the universe.
  31. Take a razor to it if it’s sparse.
  32. Take Occam’s razor to it if it’s hairy.
  33. Walk…

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